Earth & Sky Medicine – Pilot Program

Earth & Sky Medicine – Pilot Program

Integrating Astrology with Natural and Energy Medicine

Aries Fire

Brilliant time to take the leap and present my ‘opus’ – a year long program aimed at cultivating our ability to live aligned with the seasonal rhythms of the earth while in harmony with the cosmic cycles of the sky. Regardless of your local weather, energetically it is Spring and a New Moon today in adventurous Aries calling for a bold new enterprise!

The scope is universal and nothing less than the classic hero’s/heroine’s quest to reclaim wholeness. The solar astrological cycle starts in spring with the primal spark of Aries, urging us to individuate as we journey through the twelve archetypes. The cycle culminates in the blissful ocean of Pisces, letting go and ideally merging into Oneness at the end of winter.


Beyond Theory – Let’s Use Tools and Techniques!

Inspired Writing

Twelve times a month, I will post information and inspiration as well as exercises and practices collected during my many years work as a natural and energy medicine practitioner, teacher and coach. Our goal on this path to wellness is to explore and EXPERIENCE the realms of the four elements – Earth, Water, Air and Fire –  for physical health, emotional wellbeing, mental balance and spiritual alignment.

The overall theme of the posts follow the Sun every month through the signs, e.g. Aries then Taurus followed by Gemini and so forth. The tools and techniques we use to strengthen, sustain and stretch us reflect the Moon’s sign. For example, when the Moon is:

  • In EARTH  (Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn) we work with our senses: taste of food and herbs, sound of music, sight of colors, smell of aromas and touch of acupressure and massage.
  • In WATER  (Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces) we flow our e-motion (energy in motion) through the energy body with Qigong and Tao yoga; explore our dreams and delve into our feelings.
  • In AIR (Gemini – Libra – Aquarius) we address our thoughts and beliefs of the mind with EFT Tapping, NLP, journaling and breath-work.
  • In FIRE (Aries – Leo – Sagittarius) we ignite our spirit by decoding our stellar blueprint in the horoscope, guided meditations, life story work and the use of myth.

This is how we bring the inspiration and insight from the sky to be down-to-earth ‘medicine’!

Get fired up just reading the posts

The challenge is to make this foundation accessible to those who have not been working with me or others using the full-spectrum of ancient and modern, eastern and western modalities that I will present and apply during the year.

You just need to show up and discover if you simply want to follow the posts and do the exercises as well as you can – or engage personally with me as coach and counsellor, so I can actively support you in your growth.

Go deeper with personal sessions

If you are new to this eclectic ‘tribe’, you may need or want a crash course in one of the core techniques like EFT Tapping or Qigong, alternatively to learn the trick of lucid dreaming or flowing energy in your body. To train these techniques or to work with me on issues that may well be awakened on this transformative journey, you can book a single or set of private sessions.

If we explore your birth chart together in an astrological consultation, you are better able to apply the posted information to your unique configuration. Your natal horoscope reveals the blueprint and map for your life: strengths and challenges, focal areas of activity and evolutionary direction.



The exercises regularly posted will vary in length, often with various levels of engagement (and effort!) offered.  Many are designed to become a regular practice that we will return to many times during the year.

In keeping with the New Moon, today’s application is short and reflective.

  • What was your New Year’s Resolution or your orientation/intent at that time?
  • Three months later, at the energetic start of the year in spring, “how is that working out for you?”
  • More awake now after winter’s hibernation, what do you feel the impetus to do or have or be, with the uncharted* new year still beckoning?
  • What is hindering you or when will you start?
  • How do you usually go about tackling projects what do you need to keep going for a successful finish?
  • If you were to give a first stab at your intent for this year, what would it be?

I encourage you to do this with brutal Arian bluntness and capture the first thoughts that fly through your head. Aries is ruled by fiery Mars, the planet symbolizing your energy and drive, and together with the Sun, even your will. Think bold, find the purpose of your project and feel the passion.

Do you have the time and desire to engage more whole-heartedly? Write! New Moon is the perfect time to start a new habit and journaling, as you may have already discovered, is an invaluable practice. There is something magical about taking the intent of fire and manifesting it on the earthy page…


Stay tuned…

To give you a better idea of what we will be doing this week with ESM/Earth & Sky Medicine, here is a preview.

More on writing and working with thoughts this Friday when the mental and social Gemini/Air Moon is tuned to communication and connecting. Join me already this Wednesday under a Taurus/Earth Moon for further details on the concrete sessions and packages offered, complete with special introductory offers as Taurus and its ruler Venus deal with resources and values – aka money! Start of spring is the pivotal time for a cleanse after the sluggish winter, so information on liver detox for those of you who are really targeting physical health.

Feeling Arian, impetuous or impatient, and cannot wait to find out more? Email me at or call me at +1 (603) 359-4782.

With ‘Go Forth and Pioneer this Project’ energy under the Arian New Moon,

*Brilliantly enough, the year may as yet be unexplored but by tracking the transits of the planets to your horoscope, the year in sweeping archetypical scope is already charted!