ESM – Liver Cleanse & Worthiness

ESM – Liver Cleanse & Worthiness

ESM / Earth & Sky Medicine

Integrating Natural & Energy Medicine with Astrology

TAURUS EARTH Moon today – The opportunity to GRASP more than the usual flurry of ideas and inspiration in the eminently PRACTICAL ESM / Earth & Sky Medicine pilot program that has already GENERATED a SOLID response. Today we are in TOUCH with our DESIRE to get unplugged and out of our head and into our BODY. What better way than with some SIMPLE if not EASY exercises?

What is up with all the capitalized words? This is a potentially LABORIOUS but PRODUCTIVE way of weaving in key words that pertain to the element of earth and the archetype of Taurus the Bull. Taurus VALUES being at PEACE and in the BODY – not intellectually wrestling with astrological theory! Yet imparting a FOUNDATIONAL knowledge of the elements and the archetypes is also one of the TASKS of this program.

Another is to work with natural medicine to STRENGTHEN the body which is the ENDURING focus next archetypical month when the Sun is in Taurus. First, however, comes releasing that which is not optimal for our well-being – some of you began this process during Pisces before Spring Equinox. The forty days of Lent before Easter frames letting go or forsaking things in a religious context as do other faiths traditions. Most traditional medicine systems prescribe a fast or cleanse for physical reasons, with TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine targeting the liver in particular. In TCM, the liver is associated with anger and energy, which are qualities associated with this month’s solar archetype of Aries as well.

We often over-indulge during the winter holidays and do not get very far with the classic new year resolution to ‘eat clean’ and lose any extra weight. Actually, we may indeed be instinctually programmed to ‘pack on the pounds’ during the dark and cold season of scarcity – only lack of food is rarely the situation in many regions in our modern world. At the beginning of spring, it is proper time to wake up and take action.

E X E R C I S E – Liver Diet & Detox

Let’s SLOWLY get started with the liver detox. Ready – Steady – Go. Here is the basic Liver Diet:

Eliminate: All wheat; refined grains (sprouted ok); non-cultured dairy products like milk and cheese; meat and poultry. All processed food, refined sugar and transfats. Coffee, tea and alcohol.

Add: Root vegetables such as carrots, daikon and radishes; bitter greens like endive, radicchio and dandelion greens; beets, garlic, ginger and horseradish as well as kimchi and other soured vegetables. Quinoa and brown rice, olive and coconut oil. Herbal detox or liver tea with dandelion root and milk thistle.

RELAX. The exercise is to tune in and LISTEN to your BODY.  What was your primal reaction? Was there any SENSE of “over my dead body will I give up (this food or that drink)”? Spend the next week STEADILY trying to eliminate the listed foods and beverages that will RELIEVE the heavy LOAD on your liver. This is for a limited time, a therapeutic measure, not a radical or permanent way of nourishing yourself.

You may want to make the EFFORT to keep general track of what you put in your mouth as you cleanse, noting which foods are problematic and if you can DROP RESISTANCE. How much are you CONTENT to do? Which aspect of Taurus is MANIFESTING – the PERSERVERING  or the LAID BACK?

BE SILENT and get in touch with your ‘INNER ANIMAL’, the INSTINCTUAL sense for what is physically SAFE and SECURE for you. This often registers as feel-it-in-your-gut in your body. Do you listen to that inner knowing or do you let your mind override? GENTLY discover if your Inner Animal is alive and well by checking if your food and beverage choices are guided what is naturally SOUND, leading not just to survival but to SUSTAINABLE natural health.

Taurus likes to HOLD ON to stuff, but one thing that must go REGULARLY is the excrement. Preferably daily. Doctors may tell you it is ‘normal’ to only move your bowels every three days, but sadly, that only says that 51% or more of the population is constipated. It is certainly not NATURAL.

IF you are currently stuck with this common condition of being full of shit, get things moving with kiwis, prunes, soaked flax seeds and the like.   See if you can STICK TO food remedies and not resort to more drastic measures. Come Cancer Moon next week, however, we progress to drinking serious smoothies and powerful juices that do require a WELL FUNCTIONING digestive system.

What are you worth?

Taurus feels COMFORTABLE a subject many people find sensitive – MONEY. So let’s make presenting prices for sets of sessions SWEET and CONCRETE.

I am FIRM in my COMMITMENT to humane pricing for counseling and coaching services.  Current marketing strategy says  “Here is the INVESTMENT for this service,” then lists an impressively high sum so you think* it is must be awesome and you will feel: “I AM WORTHY”.  However, you may have your fair share of ‘stuff’ to clear before you even can sense and then know that you are worthy indeed.

There is HONORABLE work like this to be done on the journey to wholeness and I would be PRIViLEGED to support you with VALUABLE counseling or coaching as you DIG DEEP and do the WORK. We are witnessing a significant shift, with many choosing an increasingly ‘alternative lifestyle’ which might translate into less money even as there is more ABUNDANCE. I look forward to going the distance you, so here is my offer of AFFORDABLE fees.

ESM Program Launch – 20% off Regular Session Fees and Packages

Initial Consultation or Natal Horoscope Reading: 1 session w/ short follow up session – $170

1session – $100      4 sessions – $350        8 sessions – $650      12 sessions – $800

Active Month w/ 1 session, 1 Astro report + unlimited email support – $147

Intense Month w/ 2 sessions, 1 Astro report +  unlimited email support & live chat – $197

A monthly subscription is MATERIALIZING which provides active support with one session or intense engagement with two. Further ASSETS include a personal astrological analysis of the theme of the archetypical month.

A ‘reading’ during Sun in Aries explores your Mars in particular, how to optimally trim your energy levels and where your drive is directed. Light is shed on your first house with the highly significant Ascendant and how you dawn on the world – even an indication of your intent for showing up in this life.  Finally, you understand the impact of any planets in Aries as well as the focal activity orientation of the house that has Aries on the cusp.

This is a stellar opportunity for you to STEADILY learn more about astrology, if you deem that worthwhile. Otherwise, I simply deliver the core message and we spend our session(s) together tangling with the Arian themes of direction in life; anger and frustration; passion and impatience, as well as the vital differentiation between selfishness and ‘selfullness’ – and why you are special!

The ongoing liver cleanse this month is only to be tackled if you are relatively healthy or under supervision. Session(s) may be devoted instead to naturopathic consultations. Unlimited email support while you take this brave leap forward.

Reach me at or call +1 (603) 359-4782 to hear more or book a session.

Wishing you peace under a SILENT and SERENE Taurus Earth Moon,


*Differentiating between thinking and feeling, for example, starts our tracking of the elemental experiences: sensing/earth – feeling/water – thinking/air – intuiting/fire. You may recognize this from the Meyers-Brigg’s personality types based on Jungian psychology which in turn has roots in astrology.