About Laura

Academic & Professional Degrees  LaPortrait

  • Biopath / Naturopath   Biopat og Urteskolen – 2000
  • Phytotherapist – Biopat og Urteskolan – 2000
  • Psycho-Kinesiologist –  Center for Naturterapi – 2003
  • TCM Acupuncturist – Nordic College of Acupuncture – 2004
  • BA – Pomona College – 1980

Certification Courses & Training

Energy Psychology

  • EmoTrance Practitioner – Denmark – 2005
  • Events Psychology Practitioner – England – 2009
  • PS Master / Metaphor Therapist – England – 2009
  • Master EFT Practitioner – England – 2011
  • AMT Trainer of Meridian & Energy Therapies – England – 2011
  • Energy in Motion Master – USA – 2015

Quantum Medicine

  • e-Lybra 9 Bioresonance Training – England – 2005
  • Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner – England 2012

Traditional Oriental Medicine

  • Medical Qigong – Sweden – 2002
  • Shiatsu Massage – Japan – 2007
  • Neigong – China -2008
  • Taoist Meditation – China – 2008
  • Tao Yoga – Japan – 2009


  • ICF Dipl. Coach – Sweden – 2012
  • Robbins-Mandanes Life Coach / Strategic Interventionist (in progress) – USA


  • Usui Reiki Level III – Denmark – 2002
  • Karuna Reiki Master – Sweden – 2006
  • Theta Healing – Sweden – 2009


  • Evolutionary Astrology Apprenticeship – USA – Ongoing w/ start 2010
  • Astrology of Healing Doctorate – USA – Ongoing w/ start 2015

Professional Associations

Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies, England

NAMASTA -North American Studio Alliance, USA

Swedish Medical Qigong Society, Sweden

KAM – Kommittén för Komplementär och Alternativ Medicin, Sweden

Laura’s Journey

As far back as I can remember, I have resonated deeply with nature. Alone in the northern American woods as a young child, I loved looking for things to eat and roots my mother could brew into tea. I delighted in discovering the energy of plants and stones of the varied landscapes as my father’s work moved us from state to state every two to three years.

Of course one must grow up. Having a desire to help people along with a fair share of ambition sent me to  a prestigious college in California as a pre-med student. Shortly after graduation, my closest brother was killed in a dramatic accident—one of those truly life defining junctures. The altered current swept me off to Sweden where I trained and worked as a massage therapist for several years.

While I explored macrobiotics, aromatherapy and flower essences, practiced Tai Chi and got attuned to Reiki, my professional life became more mainstream , working with marketing and communications. When my third child was diagnosed in the early 90’s with a serious genetic condition, the time had come to dedicate myself to what I had previously only dabbled in — natural medicine and energy healing.

Biopathy (Scandinavian naturopathy) became the foundation. A degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture followed. The door was then opened to energy medicine; studies in Psych-Kinesiology linked the previous disciplines. I learned many new forms of Energy Psychology and evolved my own variation of EFT Tapping combined with qigong. Living several years in Japan allowed Shiatsu, Qigong and Taoist meditation to be studied locally then pursued with masters in China. Getting certified as a coach opened doors beyond the “fix what is broken” therapy paradigm.

My commitment to the path of holistic health and natural wellness was renewed in 2001 when I almost lost my life due to a routine operation. Witnessing the “care” given family, friends and clients has clearly revealed the limitations of the current mainstream “sick house” medical system both in Europe and America. For over fifteen years, my private practice has specialized in offering an alternative to local individuals and their families as well as clients worldwide via phone/skype contact.