What Seed will You Plant?

Earth & Sky Medicine Pilot Program

Living in Harmony with Natural Rhythms and Stellar Cycles


Aries Fire Moon - A new lunar cycle starts spiraling by sign yet it is dark of the Moon by phase. Pregnant with expectation, we are waiting to see what the fertile New Moon in Taurus will bring.

Abiding under the deeply grounded Taurus Sun, now would be the time to plant a seed for this new cycle.

You have just spent a couple of weeks doing the reality check on your New Years's resolution. Applying the Sky Medicine enquiry and just living life, you have updated your intent under the forceful bright light of the Aries Sun.


E X E R C I S E : What seed will you plant?

Take a moment and recall (or do now) the exercise to discover what landscape you are.

Spend some time exploring this inner landscape. Tell your mind - should it want to give things meaning and consciously play the metaphor game - that thinking and analysing time will come. Just not yet.

Use all of your senses now to perceive this landscape, not just your eyes to see. Walk around a bit, how does the ground feel? When I did this exercise yesterday in a group, I discovered my immediate environment was a series of rocks and boulders that I needed to leap around on! Some beautiful chunks of crystalized earth with streaks of pink and even gold, but most were drab grey. Go for that level of detail, even down to how far between each rock, how much of a stretch or even a leap?

What do you smell? Hear? For one woman, it was a freshlet spring ever so gently trickling after snow melt. For another, a very specific bird housed in a tight twig nest. Is there anything here you want to touch to get a better feel? Yes, we are missing the sense so often overlooked - that of taste. What is the flavor - sweet violets or the sour grass (oxalis) we ate when young and just seeing it now makes your mouth pucker up and water?

Deep breath and long exhale. Relax yet deeper into your internal connection. Open your hand now and let a seed appear, just the right seed for your landscape at this time.

Where in your inner-scape will you plant it? Allow the scene to unfold like the nature films with shots from the same position during several months fast forwarded to a single flow. What sprouts from your seed? How does it grow and what does it do for your landscape?

The no brainer is to just let this play out in your mind. For many, however, greater concentration is achieved if one adds concrete movement - like reaching for paper and coloring instruments and letting the hand show what is unfolding.

What does it mean that the seed sprouted for one woman then did not grow much and the focus was on  the development of the plants around it - the center of her picture was actually empty? The mind of the woman mentioned earlier could wonder - was it 'just' a little trickling stream that was nourishing her inner resources or was she sourced from the wisest northern snows?

Integrating all the elements but highlighting one

We will, of course, tend to mind (Air) and intent (Fire), always oriented to integration of all the elements, however they are uniquely constellated in our chart.  This stage (second Sun Sign) of the journey is however quintessentially earth.  For this bucolic time, we get to tend to our inner garden and see what naturally grows.

Beginnings and endings, with trust in the seed,