What's your Pleasure?

Earth & Sky Medicine Pilot Program

Elemental Living in Harmony with Natural & Stellar Cycles


Taurus Earth Moon - Time to slow down after the fast and furious pace of the Aries Moon. Fertile energy is well devoted to the garden or strolling leisurely in nature. The mood is indulgent and the five senses all heightened.

Keep things simple and sensuous. Not the best time to initiate a project, but prime time to persevere and practice patience. Serenity is within your grasp on one end of the sliding scale that features stubbornness on the other.


Introducing Venus in all her Archetypical Beauty...

Lover of all the creative arts and natural beauty when she rules Taurus (material Earth) - wait for Libra (social Air) to meet Venus as lover of harmony and balance in relationships with people.

Venus is the magnetic force that wants to attract what is valued. And how does one know what one cares about? Not primarily using the mind as in Virgo discriminating or even the feelings like Cancer does to sort who is 'family' and who is not. Venus uses bodily senses: this is the Pleasure Principle at its earthiest.

How does the blue velvet feel against my skin?  (Yes, colors give off a vibe too). The peach on my tongue? The beat of Tina Turner resounding in my ears? How does the sight of wheat fields waving in the wind impact me even beyond my eyes? Or what about the smell of eucalyptus trees bursting with olfactory chemicals in the later afternoon sun? Technically not a positive smell, but Venus factors in memories too, like the honeymoon in Australia or the excitement of childhood ball games played surrounded by Californian eucalyptus groves.

New Moon - New Lunar Cycle

As Luna grows brighter, let awareness naturally shed increasing light in your life.

One seed I tuck into the dark and fertile earth of your consciousness today has to do with sweetness. NOT the sprawling puppies and cooing babies sweetness or even the old fashioned May Day gesture of kids giving hand picked posies eliciting  "Oh, how sweeeeet....".

Sugar. Your desire for it. In all its forms. Craving perhaps?

Gracious Venus says enough for now. Let's see what shoots up from this seed come Cancer Moon (Mother!) in just a handful of days... Onto today's purely pleasant exercise:


E X E R C I S E : What is your Pleasure, My Lady?

Oh happy day - Venus has just graced you with a tidy chunk of change. The goddess maybe beautiful but she does know her mind - or at least her desire: you may only spend the money on something or activity of which she would approve.

Hands on your heart, what do YOU value? Your choices are abundant:

  • Massage:  a  day at the spa with full body oil massage - or - three trimming and toning Sweden massage sessions?
  • Beauty treatment:  total facial with eyebrow shaping -  or - getting a glamorous hairstyle?
  • Tattoo: your totem animal suggestively near your mons venus - or - a flower delicately displayed?
  • Medical treatment:  removing unsightly veneral worts (note the connection between Venus and venereal?) -  or - for birth control so you can enjoy sex without worrying about pregnancy?
  • Underclothes: lacy racy things from Victoria's secret or tummy tucking girdle and push up bra?
  • Jewelry: Lots of colorful bangles or a slender gold chain?
  • Meal -  candlelight dinner with the beloved or picnic in the nature with close women friends?
  • Dance outing:  ballroom dancing or Five Rhythms?
  • Concert: Mozart or Streisand?
  • Art: Water colour of a garden or an ethnic clay pot?
  • Plants for your garden - roses and gardenias or daisies and marigolds?

Did you chose a material thing or go for an experience? Are you usually consistent in your taste or are you very eclectic? Is your choice of style yours or inherited from home or influenced by friends or society at large?

Now to real question: Will you take some money and indeed go forth and indulge yourself with your pleasure? Money is energy and how we spend it says buckets and more. Obviously, it says something about our budget but what about our self-worth?

Wishing you pleasure and serenity under the Taurus Moon,