This is where you get to relax and receive balancing and healing from bodywork or distance homeopathy and BioResonance.

Our goal: Clear blockages, remove stagnation, strengthen organ systems, align polarity and balance energy centers – enabling your body and soul to heal itself.

Homeopathy & BioResonance

While the concept of "like curing like" dates back to the Greek Father of Medicine, Hippocrates (ca 400 B.C.), it was German physician Samuel Hahnemann (early 1800s) who first codified this principle into a safe and holistic system of medicine which stimulates the body's inate healing capacity. Homeopathy is Energy Medicine as the dose of the natural substance is so minimal, it is only the energetic frequency that is remaining after dilution to the minimal dose.

Many long term clients come to know and independently use for self care the most basic remedies in low potencies such as arnica for muscle strain or gelsemium for flu headaches.  My focus as a naturopath is the constitutional remedy which is found after ongoing interviewing and getting to know the whole person after following the client for a while.

The cutting edge today for administration of homeopathic remedies and for finding the appropriate patterns is the quantum medicine BioResonance device. This allows deliver of multiple complimentary remedies to an e-Pendant which can be worn by the client. Perfect for distance clients but also convenient for local people as one does not need to acquire physical remedies.

Reiki, Theta & Quantum Healing

Hands on or by distance, you receive balancing energies that support your body and soul in the healing journey.