Eat - Move - Rest!

This every body on the planet needs to do to stay alive. I recommend food and herbs, teach you yoga and qigong, guide you in breathing meditations and sleep techniques -  then YOU DO THE DAILY LIVING PRACTICE!

Our targeted goal: Optimize nutrition and digestion, balance hormones, relieve inflammation and correct pH, clear chronic infections, heavy metals and allergies, enhance detoxification & boost energy metabolism.

Many health problems are due to modern circumstances yet with Natural Medicine, we turn to the time honored remedies our great grandmothers or the Greek father of western medicine employed. There is a time and place for a targeted therapeutic intervention, but the focus is equally on establishing a way of living that is in harmony with nature - and the particulars of your life.


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

A natural whole food diet is optimal - but may not feel available or appealing to start with - for everyone. My recommendations are based in naturopathic nutritional theory as well as TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine which considers your personal Five Element balance. I may factor in blood type and use Applied Kinesiology or BioResonance distance scanning with the option of polygenetic profiling for more specifics.  We explore your attitudes about eating beneficial foods, possibly using Energy Medicine techniques such as EFT / Tapping to clear blockages and limiting beliefs. We create a realistic food plan which respects potential constraints such as time, money or for that matter, interest!

Some may be motivated by a very strict diet, especially if there are compelling digestive issues. A cleanse / detox complete with juicing and partial fasting gives relief.  Allowing me access to your food tracking on an app such as MyFitnessPal can be very helpful for those who are prepared to really work with nutrition.

Food is foundational but not always what we 'tackle' first - or ever. A few will continue with a SAD diet (standard American diet) so we emphasis other ways to approach optimal wellness. If excessive sugar or downright addiction is wreaking havoc, energy medicine can help immensely before applying what feels like doomed to failure discipline.  Moderation and finding the diet that is an enduring life style after a therapeutic cure is key.


Natural Medicine continues in the kitchen with specific common herbs and spices that I recommend for your needs. Using my knowledge as a medical herbalist combined with results from kinesiology or bio-resonance testing, you get suggestions for safe medical grade herbs easily acquired at your local health food store or online.

It is possible to get the energetic effect of the herbs via the bio-reasonance device with the e-Pendant without buying the physical herb. This is especially helpful when rare and hard to acquire remedies are indicated.


Hydration is key. So many people are chronically dehydrated yet do not feel thirst. We adapt - just like the desert - and can survive but do thrive as we do when properly hydrated. Many prescription medicines cause hydration as well as drinking too little water or too many beverages that are diuretics such as coffee, tea and sugary drinks.

Imagine if just drinking more water could help with lack of energy and sleepiness; headaches and dizziness; mental fog and confusion; dry skin, muscle cramps, irritability, craving for sweets and more! We can discuss if you would benefit from alkaline water from a Kangen machine or if you would like to enhance your water with any number of techniques I can share.


No breath, no life. We survive despite rapid and shallow breathing. It fills a function - to help us not feel all our feelings. I share many simple, easy to apply in daily life breathing tips and techniques that cost no money and very little effort - just some mindfulness and presence.For those inclined to yoga, I offer instruction in the wealth of practices of pranayama.


TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture / Acupressure - Qi Massage - Cupping

Natural hands-on medicine was energy medicine with TCM /Traditional Chinese Medicine being practiced before 2000 BC. TCM also embraces the Natural Medicine of food and herbs and utilizes a deeper understanding of the Five Element energetics which allows me to better tailor them to your constitution.

Optimally, energy flows freely through the body in meridians and acupuncture or acupressure can help with blockages. It is counter intuitive, but when we feel tired, it is rarely because we have too little energy, rather too much that is stuck. I may set needles but often prefer to use acupressure and teach you key points for your own self care.

I also offer Qi Massage with Cupping to local clients.

Movement & Stretching

Complete stillness, total Yin, is death. I instruct you as needed in general or therapeutically indicated hatha yoga stretches as a apart of your tailor made program. The 'Five Tibetians' yoga set is a compact but comprehensive way to work through the entire body, including the core which we need for centered strength.

We explore ways to get you moving, again factoring in your TCM Five Element balance and blood type as well. HIIT (high intensity interval training) is not for everyone nor is yoga necessarily relaxing for certain types that find strenuous aerobic exercise gives them more peace. I offer support following those who want to track on a device such as FitBit, but this is far from necessary. We are creating a program you ENJOY (or at least can live with!) as well as one that is that achieves your goals. Walking, swimming and gentle sports may appeal to you more than yoga and qigong. 'Bedroom gymnastics' also count! Most of us just need much more time unattached from the screens that keep us still and not centered in ourselves.

Qigong & Tao Yoga

The meaningful and harmonizing  movements of Qigong help the flow of energy within and even allow us to access the energies of nature.

Tao Yoga, originally sourced in ancient Dao Yin exercises, differs significantly from Hatha Yoga. It is much more subtle and suited to a committed practice, usually for people who are interested in inner alchemy and meditation. Private sessions are available both in person and over the internet.

Energy Medicine Yoga

This modern form of yoga is a fusion of traditional hatha yoga poses with Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques and is extraordinarily effective and accessible. Whilst I do lead classes locally, it is eminently suitable to internet instruction live or with videos and can easily be incorporated into daily life as opposed to needing a solid hour of continual practice.

Sunlight & Nature

My take on sunlight is not the standard demonizing angle that leaves many people D vitamin deficient to say nothing of the carcinogens in sunscreen products. Literally, half of my family of origin has had melanoma yet I both believe and have scientific support for why a moderate, well-timed amount of sunlight is beneficial and energizing. Protection through clothing/hats as well as staying in the shade are often preferred to chemical products. My role is to discern what is best for you as an individual aside from general guidelines.

Nature and gardening therapy is becoming mainstream as psychologists and psychiatrists note its efficacy in treating the epidemic of anxiety, depression, ADHD and more. My role is as your health coach is to work out what will work for you. Is it literally getting your fingers in the dirt (did you know all those micro-organism are actively healthy for you?) or is the city park more accessible?

Compliment Natural Medicine with Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is often experienced as magic compared to the discipline required to let go of comfort foods and get the rear in gear. Eliminating toxins, infections and inflammation does not rely solely on strict diet or expensive herbs - thank goodness!

On the psychological level, EFT / Tapping helps clear resistance from old feelings and sub-conscious belief programming that limits us all.

On the quantum level, Homeopathy / BioReasonance accesses the cellular realm there are homeopathic remedies for but not necessarily herbs. Insulin resistance and candida overgrowth, for example, are resolved in a fraction of the time and difficulty with homeopathy delivered via BioResonance.

On the energetic level, having free flow in the meridian system using qigong, acupressure and the breath make getting into shape with traditional exercises so much easier and more pleasant.

We all have to eat, drink breath and move and there is no question but what we think and feel. Putting intentionality and consciousness into those activities, as we do with Energy Medicine, lifts us to an entirely different level. Adding quantum medicine and healing is nothing short of miraculous.

Check out all I offer in Energy Medicine - both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Energy Work.