Uncover & Realize Your Whole Potential

Full engagement required now with you consciously engaging in the process as I partner and guide you. Here we are working on the ‘Qi’ or Energy level of feeling and thinking.

The goal: Resolve traumas, release fears and remove limiting beliefs while learning how to flow e-motions (energy in motion) and constructively work with your thoughts.

Access something more substantial than the much celebrated ‘highest vision created for yourself’. Uncover who you essentially are on the soul level. Much of this work is eliminating as well as integrating – the path of transformation and full embodiment.

EFT /  Emotional Freedom Technique a.k.a. Tapping

EFT is an invaluable life skill which is simple to learn and apply for self help after being professionally guided in therapeutic sessions with me. Tapping specific acu-points stimulates the body’s energy meridian paths, inviting balance and harmony.

The core technique is based on cognitive behavioral therapy with acceptance of the problem / situation at it’s heart. First, we must see and accept the issue before we can release /resolve it – or move on to a positive choice. Deeply painful events and blockages are accessed with grace and ease as the tapping keeps the energy flowing. Stuck energy IS the problem – it is where our our repetitive thoughts and repressed feelings can congeal energy into a seemingly permanent wound that may even manifest physically.


This process starts with body awareness but goes beyond, guiding you to release blocked e-motions (energy in motion) so the free flow is established. Understanding the role of emotions and feelings is vital so we work with a cognitive understanding and transformational process as well. Ultimately very simple and to be applied by you, the client, in daily life after frequent practice in sessions.

Belief Clearing / ‘The Work’

This powerful but simple process of questioning if a thought is true and why it might serve us to keep negative and limiting beliefs. This can be a targeted session, otherwise, it informs our sessions and conversations.


“Know Thyself” – The natal horoscope is a stellar blueprint of inborn character with challenges and strengths –  knowledge is power. We work with psychotherapeutic tools to integrate all the aspects of your being which is foundational for feeling good and thinking clearly to say nothing of living purposefully and with meaning.

NLP / NeuroLinguisticProgramming

The plethora of techniques from this field are excellent tools for a coaching dialogue or experiential exercises we may do as a part of your process.