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Aquarius Air Moon – Rebellion is in the air and felt by yours truly by not following the structured timeline for this post.

The lunar influence has been social and group oriented. I blew from one meeting to set goals for a new awakened women’s circle onto a teacher’s training to offer education and discussion groups to the larger community – all very Aquarian. There is both the pull to band together for humanitarian causes yet also the impetus to go one’s own way and do one’s own thing.

The Sun, in the meanwhile, has just transitioned from fiery Aries – feeling utterly driven to do – into stable earthy Taurus, where simply being predominates. Taurus the Bull is the most silent of signs/styles. Why write? Where did the Arian press and stress to impetuously get out the blog posts go?

The power of the Sun won out in my case, and I found myself quietly spending time under the oaks, tuning into the awakening earth, listening to the birds and beavers in the pond, smelling fresh cut grass. I was actually flying over the Atlantic as the Sun entered Taurus who wants nothing more than firmament firmly under its hooves and the secure and abiding sense of peace that brings.

This combination of Taurus Sun and Aquarius Moon is a striking example of conflicting energies at cross purpose, something which we all know experientially from our lives but perhaps have not been able to put a finger on (Taurus) or give a name (Aquarius).

For your evolving astrology knowledge (three key Aquarius words there!) we continue with the Astrology Primer, now at the eleventh sign and its ruler.

We will examine these a little closer in our Sky Medicine exercise today…

AQUARIUS – Fixed Air – Positive – Transpersonal

Uranus – 11th house

“I know” – The Water Bearer – The Humanitarian

Archetype: Genius, Revolutionary, Truth Sayer, Scientist, Exile

Concentration of Air, idiosyncratic freedom, unpredictable and intermittent, interactive.

Stabilizing Social and Intellectual Security

Need to be innovative, original and to create social change

Keynotes: detachment, revolution, reason, eccentricity, idealism, humanity, brotherhood, the different drum



Relates to: Aquarius – 11th house

The Awakener

The Autonomous Force liberating individuality

The unique individuality and capacity to liberate oneself from past limitations. “I liberate”

Function: development of individuality. Development of capacity to question authority. Transcendence of cultural and social programming.

Keynote: chaos, vibration, unpredictability, deviance, revolution, higher mind, intuition, change and transformation

E X E R C I S E : Did you feel a shift?

The fascinating thing about stellar energies such as the transition from Sun in Aries to Taurus, is that it does not ultimately matter what the nature around you is doing. I just went from south Sweden in vibrant spring with grass needing its second cutting and trees in flower, to my New England mountain valley where snow is still found on the north side and the grass lies dormant as yet.

  • Have you noticed the shift from impulsive Aries to more settled Taurus?
  • How in tune are you to the nature? To the cosmic energies?
  • How often do you feel unsettled seemingly for no good reason – or for that matter, harmonious and happy for no good reason either?
  • Would you be interested in tracking the ‘cosmic weather’ to see if the source might be there and some good guidance offered? For example, if you know a thunderstorm is coming or a brilliant sunny day, does that affect your choice of clothes and activities? Can you see the correspondence to your life?

How Aquarian are you?

Technically, this can be easily discerned from your horoscope and of course I would be delighted to give you a quick lightening flash of this in one of this program’s free mini-consultations.

Figure this out for yourself by scanning through the list of Aquarian and Uranian qualities and knowing if the shoe fits or not. The birth chart offers the energetic blueprint for a life well lived according to your evolving soul intent. Now, how that is playing out in the 3D reality of your life can be a radically different story. Just as kids can become just like their parents, they can also do the 180 and revolt. One could say it takes a genius, another key Aquarian quality, to realize one’s true self which is a blend of like, opposite and other!

The goal of Aquarius – with Uranus willing to shake and break in lightening bolt fashion as necessary – is freedom and enlightenment with you becoming your Highest Self. No little undertaking and one that consensus reality is not always supportive of! This is the sign closely associated with astrology and those in tune with it are often more open to receiving inspiration from the stars.

On the flip side, if you are not running a strong Uranian electric current, you are probably not out protesting and engaged in social and humanitarian causes on a large scale. In these radical times, it is helpful to know what you are wired to be and do and align as well as possible. The Aquarian marched on Washington a few months ago whilst the Cancer or Virgo true to her/his calling knitted pussy hats.

Wishing you peace even under the tumultuous Aquarian Moon,