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Scorpio Water Moon today – When the passionate fire of an Aries Sun meets the deep emotional waters of a Scorpio Moon, it gets steamy.

Steamy tends to have sexual connotations which is what the sign of Scorpio is famous for in popular astrology. Let’s plunge deeper and find the underground source of this correlation.

‘Get naked’ could be the motto for Scorpio.  The intense focus is on the bare essentials, found only after stripping away all the pleasant niceties (Taurus terrain – the opposite sign) and penetrating to the utter and darkest depths. This is not a sensual roll in the hay –  which is literally Taurus territory – all for good earthy pleasure.

S & M then with pain as pleasure? No, but when two people meet on this level of sexuality, with soul exposed as well as skin, there can be pain when repressed and raw emotion is revealed. Pluto can be obsessive and ruthless in the insistence on truth with the ensuing transformational process not always pleasant.

On the higher level, sex Scorpio style could be tantric, with the union ecstatic.  Sex aside, Scorpio deals with powerful feelings, some of which might be deemed taboo by society. Your natal horoscope reveals how at home you are in this underworld terrain by analyzing Pluto, Scorpio and 8th house among other factors.

Astrology Primer – Scorpio & Pluto

Scan or study the key concepts below to refresh or renew your growing knowledge of Scorpio and Pluto. Then dive into today’s provocative exercises, featuring a qigong exercise plus our regular practice of questioning and reflecting.

SCORPIO – Fixed Water – Negative – Interpersonal

Pluto – 8th house

“I desire” – The Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix – The Transformer

Archetype: Detective, Sorcerer,/Shaman, Hypnotist, Psycho-analyst

Concentration of Water, passionate focus, commanding persistence, transformative power.

Stabilizing Emotional Security

Need for deep involvements and intense transformations

Keynotes: intensity, mastery, magnetism, penetration, power, sexuality, secrets, transformation, intimacy



Relates to: Scorpio – 8th house

The Transformer – The Renewer

The Transforming Force awakening Soul Intent

The capacity for self transformation and self renewal. “I renew”

Function: realization of one’s destiny after transformation. Recognition of absurdity of all narrow pursuits. Development of capacity to discern truth.

Keynotes: power, abuse, birth-death-rebirth cycle, regeneration, elimination, taboo, pollution, transmutation, the unconscious mind


P R A C T I C E:  Connect Belly and Head

SET UP: Rest your right hand lightly over the navel region, with middle finger tucked into the belly button if that feels comfortable for you. With left palm turned toward your face, place middle finger between your eyebrows with first finger resting above it on your forehead.

ACTION: Press ever so gently inwards and upwards with the fingers on both hands simultaneously. Breathe in slowly and deeply.

INTENT: The active right hand on the belly is ‘giving’, sending the instinctual knowing of the belly up to the passive left hand on the forehead which ‘receives’ the connection. Tune in and feel the energy as it flows upward through your energy body.

RESULT: What can feel like overwhelming and intense gut feeling is connected in this energy exercise with more rational thinking, allowing optimal integration. Modern science is beginning to recognize the ‘second brain’ that resides in the GI tract as well as the brain in the head.

In qigong terms – remembering qigong just means ‘energy work’ – this links the lower and higher dan-tien or energy centers. And what resides in between these two points? The Heart, the middle dan-tien, where feeling intersects with thinking and a very good place to be centered with flow in and out!

PRACTICE: This deceptively simple exercise can be used to powerfully shift consciousness when you need to balance the extreme polarity of separate feeling contra isolated thinking. It can, of course, be reversed to bring conscious awareness into the physical body as well.

Otherwise, it is a beautiful way to start or end the day, while laying comfortably in bed. One hand rests on the belly with the other covering the forehead. Enjoy a moment or three of conscious breathing before transitioning to waking or sleeping state. Allow the energies to flow and harmonize as needed; find your perfect balance in the here and now between the being-ness of the belly and awareness of the head.


E X E R C I S E: Are you comfortable being naked?

  • Hand on your heart, how in touch are you with more primal feelings or are they censored and stuffed down?
  • Do you have an energetic dividing line on your body? If so, is it between head and body or does it run upper with head and heart contra lower from the belly down? Did the qigong exercise above give you any insights into this?
  • Women sometimes speak of their ‘downstairs’ reflecting a societal tendency to not be ‘above board’ about the genital region. Are you consciously aware of possible cultural confines or religious restrictions? Are you able to be yourself regardless?
  • How comfortable are you, for example, being naked? By yourself and with other(s)?
  • Understanding belly energy* as creative life force, do you feel more natural serenely painting a zen water color or sweatily pro-creating a child in bed or sexily expressing your true nature? Or all or none of them?
  • What clues might your horoscope with Pluto, Mars, Aries, Scorpio and 8th house analysis give about being your native sexy self? Free introductory astrology reading still on offer!

Wishing you transformative introspection under this intense Scorpio Moon,


*The lower dan-tien in TCM / Traditional Chinese Medicine corresponds to Kidney energy, containing both Yin and Yang on the left and right respectively as well as the adrenal and reproductive glands. Hara or second chakra by that eastern system and the physical glands by western medicine – the creative sexual energy is the same by any name!