Laura you are truly amazing...i am gobsmacked.. yes I am soo much better today.. THANK YOU..even got some creativity entering after our session.. challenge is not getting too high when i am getting enthusiastic...Thanks again and lots of love and blessings... Lo

Lolo 50+ årig kvinna

Thanks so much our first session this morning. Your help could not be better timed : ) I felt so safe and at ease with you. I very much look forward to clearing this deep issue."

Distance coaching via skype audio only, using EFT as compliment.

HG. 40+ Canadian woman w childhood abuse

All the girls in the class were doing it, this play cutting of the arms so when just my daughter was referred to the Psych Hospital I was devasted. She refused to talk to the personnel there and I could see she really did have a problem. When a friend told me that Laura helped without needing "talking therapy" I tried. It took several sessions with both BioResonance and healing but I sense my daughter is coming back to the world now and she is even able to start talking about stuff I did not think possible. I think the combination of services offered here is remarkable.

UL. Swedish teenage w emotional problems and cutting

I have only had the pleasure of meeting with Laura once, my treatment has primarily been distance and with use of Skype. I still do not understand how her miracle machine works but I do know that the debilitating pain in my joints and especially knees is gone for the first time in years and I can climb mountains again. A plus has been going beyond the physical and exploring dream journey techniques and discovering mountains and valleys within. My life has not been the same since and I have only just begun!

Thomas. 40+ American man w arthritis

This was a spectacular session. It really turned something profoundly around in me (finally, slow learner). Big golden dollops of thanks rolling across the ocean,”

Then sending feedback one week later before next session:
“Our last session was such a breakthrough! I still can feel it in every cell though I barely remember what we did.”

Distance skype coaching sessions audio only, Project Sanctuary autogenic reality journeying

ZM. 60+ American woman w relationship issues

Thank you for today! I feel such inner peace like I have not in ages. Today's experience has given me so many answers. It is going to be so exciting to continue the journey!

Psycho-kinesiology, EFT and journey work

40+ Swedish woman for burn out and anxiety

Laura knows perfectly her subject, she is very serious and helpful. She is expert in several alternative medecines. I strongly recomand Laura if the traditional medecine cannot help you anymore.
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

40+ French woman for end stage illness

I was able to use a few rounds of EFT to calm my upset emotions last night. Thank you for the "hand holding' on doing EFT, as I definitely need it. Thank you so much for ALL the diligent care you've given so far. Can't imagine not having this support right now!"

Distance bioresonance balancing and food and herbal recommendations. Taught EFT for own use.

Jessica. 40+ American woman w thyroid cancer

I am amazed that just one treatment with the machine could help straight away. I also got good ideas on how to make my food suit me better which has helped a lot with digestive problems I did not even think to ask for help with! This was over four months ago and I have not had any woman complaints since. I just faithfully carry my little e-Capsule and the treatments work from a distance--amazing!

Shinari. 30+ Indian woman w PMS

I am so impressed at how quickly this biopath could clear my son's stubborn condition. We got a combination package and took herbs and changed the diet but I understand it was the homeopathy that did the trick and now I am going to get the rest of the family into treatment. Thank goodness for family rebates!

Florence. Teenage Danish boy w excema & ADD

Laura - thank you from the depths of my heart. I feel so calm and secure after the session today! Finally I have dared to look over my shoulder! What you write is so exiting, I think I must read it several times so it can properly sink in".

This after a Project Santuary journey and application of Aura Soma, with distance e-Lybra bioresonance.

40+ Swedish woman for anxiety

Laura, I send such heartfelt thanks for our last session together. You are a "Coach Extraordinaire"!

I have received coaching in the past and have not experienced the personal shifts needed to move forward in the direction of my dreams as I have with you. Your intuitive, direct and insightful style have guided me to be a freer flowing artist of my own greater purpose in life. A purpose I am longing to fulfill with beautiful colors that touch many and make a difference in our world. Thanks to you, I have begun the journey I have always longed for!

Your love, sincerity and varied gifts in the healing arts definitely come into play and give you a leading edge in the coaching world.

To all out there I proclaim, "Laura is a phenomenal, amazing coach who is intuitive, practical and intent on bringing you to your highest personal potential. With the ability to capture the essence of the direction I needed during every session, Laura provided coaching with excitement and enthusiasm (and without guilt)! This lead to my ability to listen to the voice within and freely move into accomplishing tasks with ease. One of the main areas of focus for me has been gaining direction in my career and with Laura's coaching I was able to move forward in accomplishing my goals in an inspirational and structured manner!" THANKS! 

Weekly distance coaching sessions via skype with video.

Terry Lynch. 50+ American woman for professional growth

I now feel like a princess! The e-Pendant is with me constantly, I even sleep with it. My stomach is in good form, I do not have any of the previous bloatedness. There has been a cleansing process but it is stabilising now. I am keeping strictly to the new diet and feel perkier than I have for a very long time!

JA. 40+ Swedish woman w digestive problems

I shared the EFT technique with my husband and he was positive in responce. I again got results and felt a stream of energy flowing through my legs and out my toes. So something is happening.

I am so happy that I have the chance to learn this, I believe it is going to give my life a deeper meaning. Thanks for being there.

Diana. 30+ Swedish woman w hormonal imbalance

Coming into Laura's energy field is healing in and of its self. A strong radiance of love and vibrant energy energy together affect one from the first moment and throughout the treatment. Laura has, with her broad knowledge in so unbelievably many areas, a large spectrum of treatment possibilities to choose from. Laura uses her intuition and conversation to find what the client has greatest need for and where the best target for treatment is.

Laura meets you through out the entire treatment process with great humility, openness, presence and compassion. You feel yourself in caring hands and never doubt that you get the very best treatment from a woman who has dedicated her life to serving her fellows and helping them optimally with their problems.

Inger Plough. 70+ Danish woman w symptoms of aging

I call you when my husband is ill, when I am ill, when my god son is ill. I have far more faith in your ideas, your instincts. Medical treatment requires so much more than science. It does require artistry, intuition. I believe you bring those things to your analysis." 

Distance bioresonance analysis and balancing as well as counselling and natural medicine recommendations.

Christie Hall. 50+ American woman for family health care

There are not many people I turn to for help and when it comes to matters of health there is only one person and that is Laura. As an alternative medicine practitioner myself it is invaluable to have some one I can trust implicitly and "let my hair down". She is hands down the most well educated and trained practitioner I know of and is a fantastic resource as a colleague as well. I feel confident sending my clients with more extreme physical challenges to her. I feel Laura, however, excels at being "the therapist's therapist" and even the therapist's consultant!" 

In person bioresonance sessions as well as nutrition and herbal recommendations.

LL. 50+ Swedish woman for ongoing health care

I am a 55 year old single mother with many challenges in my life. I am blessed with a strong constitution and good health. I do on occasion get sloppy and then need acute help. For me, Laura is the only way out. I feel very safe with her broad knowledge and long experience within natural medicine. And I get help! It can be my back, troublesome tummy or my hips. Most recently I experienced feeling the effect of the e-Lybra on the cellular level. After the treatment my digestion is better and I have no pain in my stomach any more. I can warmly recommend everyone to safely turn to Laura for a consultation. And I know the ultimate responsibility for my health is my own.

Erika 50+ Swedish woman for ongoing health care

I would like to thank Laura for her everlasting support, guidance and wisdom. I feel that every session with her helps me in finding out who I really am and helps me in becoming that person. She listens with patience and allows me to be in a space where I can feel comfortable and secure about expressing myself.

With Lauras help I've been given resources to cope with my panic-attacks and anxiety that I today use in my every-day life with good results. It's come to a point now where I can re-direct the energies and instead of having a panic attack, breathe it out or let it flow through me. Something I never thought possible before.

What I really like about her work is that she offers different viewpoints and works hard to find something that works personally for the individual. One technique might work very well for someone, but doesn't necessarily have to work well with another. Laura understands this and uses her knowledge to offer many options and experience and wisdom to find out what works best for you.

I used to carry around a lot of limiting beliefs about myself and the world around me. I could easily get locked in a certain belief, most often an unhealthy one, that things had to be 'this' way and no other way. To my frustration Laura constantly challenged this.

I had become so comfortable in believing what I did, that being confronted and offered other choices was almost threatening to me. In a good way. I knew I wasn't true to myself in my beliefs and Laura could see this. Today I am most thankful for her confronting me like that. Because of that I am much more open to life and what it has to offer and I really feel life is mine to live. Thank you Laura.

In person coaching plus taught EFT and EmoTransformation.

MS 20+ multicultural man