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Sagittarius Fire Moon – Easter Eve celebrated yesterday here in Sweden with family and friends gathering around good food and drink, enjoying nature and the return of Spring. Easter Sunday today finds many Christians here and elsewhere in church, more inclined to organized religious worship, celebrating the resurrection and the hope of eternal life.

Very fitting for the Moon’s current archetype which relates to the quest for meaning of life, often found in our philosophy and religion.

The beauty of the twelve astrological archetypes, is that there are so many ways to group them, inviting to differing kinds of insight. We might choose to see Sagittarius as the first of the transpersonal houses 9-12 and signs Sagittarius to Pisces. Or as the third station on the Mutable Cross running from Gemini to Virgo now Sagittarius and soon Pisces. Or as the final Fire sign after Aries and Leo. Sagittarius likes an overview so all of this does indeed give meaning.

Mythos vs Logos

At its most basic, however, the Zodiac Wheel can be seen as a set of six pairs of archetypes, each one representing a continuum. Technically, these are called oppositions; for example, Sagittarius is opposite Gemini.

Gemini is dry information Air style with lots of little different dots of information. Sagittarius is Fire which sheds light on the chosen dots (Virgo has had a hand and done some sorting) and seeks or indeed sees a big picture, not just lots of dots. Using the intuition function, Sagittarius further gives meaning to that picture. Astronomy is the logos and astrology the mythos with story and meaning added.

Astrology Primer – Sagittarius & Jupiter

Seek and you shall find – both Sagittarius and Jupiter want understanding and here are their key words.

Enlightened with that meaningful information, we thereafter spotlight the role of religion in our lives in today’s Sky Medicine exercise.

SAGITTARIUS – Mutable Fire – Positive – Transpersonal

Jupiter – 9th house

“I understand/I believe” – The Archer – The Seeker

Archetype: Gypsy/Nomad, Student, Philosopher

Circulation of Fire, super-sensual expansion, intuitive perception, freedom-fighting.

Adapting to Identity Learning

Need to explore and expand the horizons of the mind and world

Keynotes: quest, questioning, adventure, spontaneity, optimism, tactlessness, philosophy, freedom, dogmatic



Relates to Sagittarius and traditionally Pisces – 9th and 12th houses

The Principle of Improvement – The Mage

The Uplifting Force for expanding consciousness

The search for meaning, truth and ethical values. “I expand”

Function: maintenance of faith. Development of vitality and confidence. Lifting of spirits.

Keynotes: expansion, optimism, good fortune, faith, philosophy, ritual, knowledge, excess

E X E R C I S E: Seeking & finding meaning

  • Still under an Arian Sun concerned with the self, how does your religion or philosophy of life view the ego? Where are you in that process and do you feel strong with or without ego as you go forth in life?
  • Tracing Fire in the zodiac wheel, the ego is the starting point in Aries, allowed free reign to be creative under Leo then given higher meaning in Sagittarius. Do you believe in a higher meaning and are in tune with your intuition or are you more oriented to the logical reasoning of Gemini? Do you have planets in either of those signs?
  • How have your religious beliefs or philosophical orientation developed over time? If you know the astrological sign on your ninth house cusp, how aligned are you with that style of finding meaning? For example, Taurus here might be someone who gravitates to earth based spirituality; Pisces more mystical Christianity or Buddhism; Capricorn perhaps staying with the traditional religion deemed socially acceptable and so forth.
  • Check out your Jupiter by sign, house and aspect which reveals much about your native philosophy of life, how you grow and experience life and in what arena you are expansive and contribute. Any interesting surprises here than might be openings for expansion?

At this point, some may be throwing up their hands wondering if we really need a stellar blueprint, aka the horoscope, to be able to discern this. Of course not! There are, however, any number of situations in which the chart maybe helpful as a “try it on for style and size and see if it fits” experience. What if the religion or philosophy of your family or culture simply does not feel right as you grow older?This is not as simplistic as ‘of course you will want to throw out standard church going protestantism’. What if you are surrounded by new-age people and have aging hippy parents but you have many traditional placements in Capricorn and Cancer?

The heart of the chart is understanding the questions it poses, what themes are relevant in your life. You chose the answers and what you focus on. Maybe your Jupiter is tucked in a corner somewhere, no planets in Sagittarius and an empty ninth house. Pie in the sky philosophy is just not your thing and knowing this about your chart gives you the conscious freedom to let that go and focus on what does matter to you.

In the meanwhile, in our confusing society today with all the mixed signals and emphasis on mind intellectual knowing as opposed to heart feeling knowing and gut instinctual knowing, we do not always know what matters and has meaning! That is when the chart can be an invaluable source of inspiration.

Seeking freedom and meaning under this Easter Sagittarian Moon,