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Earth & Sky Medicine – Pilot Program

Integrating Energy Psychology & Natural Medicine with Archetypical Astrology throughout the Year


Virgo Earth Moon today – Discriminating is key to understanding the archetypical Virgo energy as it strives for perfection and purity, devoted to the task of sifting the wheat from the chaff at the harvest.

“What is to be kept and what is to be cast aside?” easily becomes “What is good – what is bad?” and “What is right and what is wrong?”

In medical astrology, Virgo rules the small intestines – what we assimilate – and digestion in general with the liver playing a vital role. Time to revisit our spring liver cleanse with critical (Virgo) eyes (Aries). When we ‘clean up our act’ (Virgo), we have more energy and drive (Aries).

E X E R C I S E: Eat and Press for your Digestion

 Foods and supplements for good gut health

Add easy to implement care of your lower digestive track to the health program (Virgo!) with relevant foods and supplements*:

  • Psyllium husks and/or flax seeds (soaked first) added to your health drinks
  • Aloe vera juice and/or calendula extract if you suffer from IBS or inflammation in the bowels. This is very cooling and not recommended if you tend to a ‘cold’ type constipation – we will learn much more about the energetic temperature of food and herbs as this year unfolds. You can, of course, check with me or your local practitioner for every little food choice, or you can get your mental Virgo discrimination on coupled with your physical Taurean ‘what does my body feel’ bio-feedback loop and make your own empowered call! Plenty safe for everyday foods; medicinal herbs are, on the other hand, best advised by a trained herbalist even if they are freely available in shops.
  • Probiotics – in live cultured yoghurt or kefir, kombucha, kimchi or miso for food sources. Taken as a supplement otherwise, start with a low dose and increase slowly, paying attention to your belly!
  • Sprouts – happily homegrown with daily rinses so there is no risk of the mold that sadly can afflict organic sprouts bought at the store. Alfalfa is basically fool-proof to grow and functions as a staple. Mung beans, the classic bean sprout found in Asian cuisine, are easy as well – just remember it thrives in darkness so simply cover your container. Finally, fenugreek sprouts with a myriad of health benefits complete the foundation. Soak seeds for 6-8 hours before transferring them to a tray. EnJOY in salads, sprinkled over quinoa, hidden in your smoothie – the choice is yours, but keep them cool as living food.
Acupressure for the liver

Here is taking our first ‘stab’ at acupressure, presenting Liver-3, a key point on the foot. We will later powerfully combine Liv-3 with large intestine point LI-4 on the hand; this is the but the first thread in the intricate tapestry we ill in time weave in good Virgo fashion.

Place your finger at the juncture of the big toe and next toe and let it glide down between the bones until you reach the juncture of the V. Press in the soft furrow right above that stopping point. It is often tender; many people suffer from liver congestion which can be due to anything from the classic too much alcohol, to improper diet or repression of anger.

Stimulate this point by pressing in with your finger or a blunt instrument every time you put on or take off shoes, each morning and night – or anytime you are sitting in front of a screen bare footed or with only socks! Virgo likes practicalities woven into every day life.

E X E R C I S E:  Is your food serving you?

  • How is the food you are eating serving (Virgo) you?
  • Have you been able to drop gluten and dairy for this short period of time?
  • If not, have you considered the starches and sugars in them might be feeding a candida overgrowth in your intestines instead of nourishing your own body? Or you may have become intolerant? Are you willing to do something about this*?
  • If you have let go of gluten and/or dairy, what have your noticed in mental attitude and physical energy? Perhaps even body weight?
  • What about taking a time out from stimulants like coffee and tea? If it feels impossible to get going or stay flowing throughout the day without it, what does that say? Have you considered that you might in fact need water or food when energy levels drop – or more sleep at night?
  • Society usually judges that needing a drink with alcohol is more serious that needing one with caffeine. What do you personally think and how is that affected by your family background and the culture of your country? Both affect us biochemically and usually can be used judiciously, if we otherwise are in balance. When that is said, keep going with the spring detox on whatever level you can fit into your everyday routine (Virgo). Every little bit honestly helps!

At your service under a pristine and precise Virgo Moon,


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*I can help with guidelines for diet, herbs and homeopathy as well as counseling or EFT Tapping to clear emotional factors as well. Smart phone photos of your tongue (for TCM analysis) and iris (for iridology analysis) plus a hair sample (for bio-resonance analysis), along with a distance session allow me to understand your situation with surprising accuracy. Or find a local practitioner – I cannot encourage you enough to address your gut issue! TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the earth element and digestion as central; modern research is revealing the importance of the ‘second brain’ in our gastro-intestinal tract for more than just physical wellbeing. Harness the powerful spring energy available now and get a grip on it!