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Libra Air Moon today –  Full Moon with maximal tension as the primal “I am” of the Aries Sun is in opposition to the diplomatic “I balance with the Other” of the Libran Moon. Libra carries the archetype of the Artist, the Peacemaker and the Lover. As the seventh sign on a wheel of twelve, Libra is further along on the evolutionary journey than Aries the Warrior.

That is a provocative statement that any self respecting Aries could get hot headed about and understandably so. This is NOT to say that Sally with a Libra Sun is personally more evolved than Tom with Sun in Aries, that is but one factor in the chart.  It simply is portraying the natural development which goes full circle – and then starts afresh.

We need the healthy ego of Aries to thrust us into the universal cycle:  gathering what we value, opening our minds, being sourced in our feelings, shining in our glory before we start serving others and now – in Libra – relating to others in a balanced and harmonious manner.

  1. I am – Aries / Mars                         7. I balance – Libra / Venus
  2. I have – Taurus / Venus                  8. I desire – Scorpio / Pluto
  3. I think – Gemini / Mercury              9. I understand – Sagittarius / Jupiter
  4. I feel – Cancer / Moon                   10. I utilize – Capricorn / Saturn
  5. I will – Leo / Sun                             11. I know – Aquarius / Uranus
  6. I analyze – Virgo / Mercury             12. I believe – Pisces / Neptune

Horoscope as blueprint to know oneself

It is of utmost importance when using the invaluable tool of the horoscope is to remember there is no judgement of good or bad, right or wrong. The proper use of the natal chart – in my humble opinion – is to know oneself. 

The horoscope is the proverbial map but not the territory. Our free will determines much about how we journey and where our path takes us! No deeming a dark still lake to be worse than clear flowing ocean (Scorpio – Pisces) or judging it right to be a lover and wrong to be a warrior (Libra – Aries).

If they are on the map – and we all have Scorpio and Aries as well as Pluto and Mars somewhere in the chart – then it is ours*. Clear cut good or bad and right or wrong are Virgo Earth style discrimination; like every archetypical sign, it has its time and place.

Today, however, we move onto what Libra does best: BALANCE. In free blowing and detached Air, this means rationally accepting both sides, light and shadow, high and low, the you and me of a relationship. Harmonize the varying tones and colors of your horoscope and find peace with what the map of your chart reveals. This, incidentally, is the work of a lifetime – not today’s specific exercise!

Have you met your Mars yet? Ready for Venus now?

Many of you have already taken advantage of the Sun – Mars / Fire – Will reading offered under the Leo Moon. Not too late for that and time to weave in another strand in the tapestry. Venus who is paired with Mars as sure as Moon is with Sun on the personal level; Saturn with Jupiter on the societal level;  onto Neptune with Uranus on the transpersonal collective level. Mercury, that androgynous little imp, zips as messenger between heaven and earth as is neither.

Let us once and for all banish any patriarchal gender assignment of Sun and Mars to men and Moon and Venus to women. Women, men and transgender all have both sets of so called feminine and masculine qualities. Jungian psychology encourages us be in touch with and develop the energy of both our anima and animus. Your natal chart reveals your personal balance and emphasis which is rarely equal or highly polarized. Your configuration is unique – and empowering you to be yourself is the goal of this Earth & Sky Medicine program.

Archetype of Venus

Relates to: Taurus & Libra – 2nd & 7th houses

The Goddess of Love and Beauty

The attractive Force of love and its aesthetics, also sex

The capacity to attract the people and things we love and value. “I harmonize”.

Function: restoration of equilibrium to shattered sensitivity. Stabilization of a network of supportive emotional bonds. Development of capacity to make an aesthetic response.

Keynotes: relationship, sociability, desire, aesthetics, attraction, love, eroticism, ‘female’ receptive sexuality

Archetype of Mars

Relates to: Aries and traditionally Scorpio – 1st and 8th houses

The Warrior

The Motivating Force behind the power to act, also sex

The capacity to act and assert oneself based upon personal desire. “I act”

Function: Development of will. Expansion of courage. Assertiveness training.

Keynotes: will, action, assertion, aggression, virility, lust, passion, ‘male’ radiating sexuality


E X E R C I S E: Get intimate with your Venus and Mars

You know yourself, more or less well, and it is always this relationship we are building on: you knowing you! Unraveling your natal chart allows you to access realms and levels perhaps as yet unexplored. Armed with or without your chart and a Venus-Mars reading, use Sky Medicine – intuition and thinking – to explore and possible journal:

  • What do you value – what or who do you want to draw to yourself?
  • Can you answer that ‘with grace and ease’ or ‘it’s complicated’ – by what and whom?
  • How important are relationships in your life and are you harmonious with your current status?
  • If the goddess Venus offered you what you feel is the perfect relationship, how do you show up, who is the other and how does it play out? Does your chart offer any new and helpful insights?


  • What is your action style when you are the go-getter?
  • Are you confident in this role in a relationship or is this a lesser-used function?
  • How important is autonomy and being a strong individual to you and how does that affect your relationships?

Venus & Mars in Relationship

  • If Venus is what you want and Mars is how you go get it, are they harmonious together?
  • If they are discordant, this is the proverbial growth opportunity. How are you embracing that or are you avoiding it?

Cherishing the relationship with you, dear reader, under this Full Libra Moon,


*This is the beauty of the horoscope – ultimately, we are the entire circle of the chart, embodying every sign, house and planet. What is ‘written in our stars’, however, with specific planet placements by house, sign and aspect, reveals the spiritual or soul intent for this life. We can ‘read’ our natal horoscope and discover our native strengths and challenges as well as opportunities for personal growth and contribution to others. Using progressions and transits, there are signposts on the journey as it unfolds in time. As an evolutionary astrologer, I offer choice based interpretation – nothing is etched in stone!