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Leo Fire Moon today – Let the divine spark within you shine bright and give generously of the greatest gift you have – yourself.

The Sun ‘rules’ the sign of Leo, the Queen/King, the Performer or the Child. The Sun symbolizes the conscious identity and will; this star is the organizing force around which the other planets* revolve.

This Aries period is ruled by Mars, also a fire planet which symbolizes will. It more specifically reveals your energy and drive so knowing what sign, house placement and aspects it makes – especially if to the Sun – can help you understand yourself and empower you.

Free Sun & Mars Astrology ‘Reading’

I am offering a free thumbnail sketch of your Sun and Mars by sign, house and aspect until April 20th when the Sun moves into Taurus. In the spirit of Leo and “Let me tell you about myself”, I share my own horoscope as an example.

This reading gives you meat on the bones of the dry astrological facts you could see on an online chart first for the Sun:

“You have a 4th House Capricorn Sun trine a 9th House Mars in Taurus, trine a 12th House Pluto in Virgo and sextile a 3rd House Neptune in Scorpio”. That Greek translates to being oneself and shining (Sun) while working with great discipline and solitude (Capricorn) from the home/inner self (4th House); this supported (trine) by the energy and drive (Mars) thriving in nature and silence (Taurus) while seeking the meaning of life (9th House); further supported (trine) by the transformative power and destiny (Pluto) expressing itself through service (Virgo) sourced in the ocean of consciousness itself (12th House); finally excited (sextile) by selfless idealism (Neptune) to intensely feel and work with the shadow (Scorpio) in the realm of perception and the mind (3rd House).

And then onto Mars:

“You have a 9th House Mars in Taurus, opposed by a 3rd House Jupiter in Scorpio and squared by a 12th House Uranus in Leo.” We build a sentence of those puzzle pieces: Your energy and drive (Mars) are steady and enduring (Taurus) in seeking personal growth through long journeys (9th House); this must be integrated (opposition) with your philosophy or faith (Jupiter) plumbing the emotional depths (Scorpio) in the regions of the mind (3rd House); and challenged (square) by awakening true individuality (Uranus) in creative expression of oneself (Leo) sourced in the primordial waters of oneness (12th House).

This is how computer generated astro programs work, inserting a variety of key words and phrases. The beauty of a getting a personal consultation is the application of ‘all that’ to your individual life and direction. Start now with Mars and month by month, planet by planet, you put together the pieces of your astrological blueprint!

E X E R C I S E: Questions about Will – Drive – Energy

These are the realms of Sun and Mars. With or without the eminently helpful ‘cheat sheet’ that the horoscope provides, think through or journal the following provocative queries:

  • In what realm do you shine? In your worldview, is it okay for people in general and you in particular to be a star, to really shine? If not, what is hindering that?
  • What do you feel driven to do, where is your go-getter focus? How do you feel about people who want to accomplish or succeed and are you one yourself? Where or who do those ideas come from?
  • How are your energy levels – steady or erratic, affected by inner moods or outer events? Do you know how to cultivate your particular brand of energy, and more importantly, do you in fact take care of that? If not, why not?
  • What would need to be different for you to be more harmonious with the above? Can you integrate any of that now?

Wishing you much innocent joy under the Leo Moon,


*The Sun and Moon are not planets per se, often called the Lights or the Luminaries. For ease of reference, however, we usually speak of them as two of the ten planets. Yes, in astrology Pluto still counts as a force to be reckoned with!