What Landscape are You?

Earth & Sky Medicine Pilot Program

Living in Harmony with Natural Rhythms and Stellar Cycles


Pisces Water Moon – And the end of the first full Moon cycle started under the Aries Sun, the ‘big bang’ that sparked the beginning of the hero’s/heroine’s journey.

The lunar cycle is a mini cycle within the larger annual cycle where we have already moved to the second stage, embodying the archetype Taurus. We will soon reach the half-way mark between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, called Beltane by the Celts and Valborgmässoafton by the Swedes.

Taurus, in the meanwhile, is not fussed about all these external markings of time passing; what they may mean or what one ought to do. With the unerring sense of the ‘inner animal’, one is simply and naturally in tune.

Moon in Pisces is dreamy and imaginative (as well as escapist). This Neptunian energy can take all we have learned so far – the liver detox, qigong movements, acupressure points, complete with all the reflections – and throw it all in the ocean to let it dissolve and mystically be unified in the greater whole.

Bless and release. If you have not wound down your liver cleanse, feel very free to do so now! Stay tuned to the next earth Moon to hear what the natural medicine theme related to Taurus will be.

ASTRO PRIMER – Pisces & Neptune

Last time we will glance through the Primer for the final sign and planet of the twelve archetypes and ten planets (yes, we count Pluto throw in the luminaries of Sun and Moon).

For those of you who are devoting yourself to the nuts and bolts of astrology, note that Pisces was traditionally ruled by Jupiter so add those qualities too.

PISCES – Mutable Water – Negative – Transpersonal

Neptune – 12th house

“I believe” – Two Fish, Dolphin – The Dreamer

Archetype: Mystic, Dreamer, Poet

Circulation of Water, all absorbing, unifying force, high impression merging, dissolving differences.

Adapting to Emotional and Soul Learning

Need to commit to a dream or ideal and work towards its realization

Keynotes: compassion, impressionability, receptivity, vacillation, imagination, malleability, mysticism, transcendent union



Relates to: Pisces – 12th house

The Visionary – The Mystic

The Dreaming Force dissolving ego boundaries

The capacity to transcend the finite self through experiencing unity with a greater whole. “I unify”

Function: decentralization of ego in self imagery. Creation of a point of self observation external to ego. Weakening of barrier separating conscious from unconscious, ego from soul. Development of awareness of “God”.

Keynotes: unboundedness, dissolution, inspiration, ecstasy, escapism, enlightenment, addiction


P R A C T I C E : Epsom Salt Foot Bath

Pisces in medical astrology rules the feet so no better timing for a soothing foot bath. Perhaps some compassionate soul would kindly give gentle foot massage as well with relaxing lavender essential oils? Epsom salts contain magnesium and absorbing this key mineral through the skin is the most optimal way to supplement.

Just what those poor feet that may have been stuck in boots all winter need in preparation for liberation as spring draws nearer. Are you a barefoot in the grass and sand type or find security in the comfort of a well supported shoe?

In either case, take the opportunity to gently massage the feet yourself after every bath or shower to make this a short but daily practice. Foot reflexology teaches that the entire body can energetically be regulated through zones in the foot; we will be learning key pressure areas and points as the year unfolds. In the meanwhile, squeeze away while you dry your feet and begin to note where there might be tender spots. Give them a little extra tender loving care.


E X E R C I S E : What landscape are you?

The flowing water energy – which some might call psychic – of Pisces allows us to access creative and imaginative realms that we might not regularly visit. This comes more naturally to folks with Neptune prominently placed in their stellar blueprint as well as those with planets in Pisces or the 12th House but can be developed by everyone.

Take a few deep breaths and connect your belly with your brain using the hand positions we learned under the previous water Moon, in Scorpio. Trusting that your inner sight is open and willing, ask yourself:

  • If I were a landscape, what would I be? Seashore, woodlands, desert, mountains, jungle…what do you see (hear and feel)?
  • Zoom in to greater detail: what plants, kind of soil, any water nearby, air quality…?
  • How does this habitat feel? Peaceful or invigorating, swamped or dried up, harmonious or in need of help…?
  • Does this feel like your favorite kind of nature or is this a reflection of your life just now?
  • If your life and it is not paradise, what is needed? An animal perhaps, some flowers or nothing so trite? Open yourself to knowing just the right remedy is X and let your imagination fill in whatever that is.
  • How does it feel after you have evolved your inner landscape? Do you feel you deserve true paradise or deem some thorns and pits are necessary in your life?
  • How easy was this autogenic reality exercise for you? Would you like to develop your abilities to work in these realms of creative imagination?

More of these explorations to follow, call it lucid dreaming, guided imagery, project sanctuary or autogenic reality. Get your free Pisces-Neptune-12th House report and know your strengths so you can better navigate these waters!

Letting it all go under a blissful Pisces Moon,