Knowledge is power and my goal is to empower you to take control over your own health. I offer a year long course covering the basics of self-help techniques. EFT Tapping is offered more in-depth as a professional training certification as well. You can learn my foundational Qigong set and Energy Medicine Yoga as an online course or by joining my classes and trainings live. All techniques can be more or less interwoven in our individual sessions."

Learn Natural & Energy Medicine for Self Help

This is a one year long program with one module per month. This pacing allows you to learn a new technique or apply knowledge gained for several weeks before adding the next modality.

JANUARY – Food & Supplement Fundamentals

FEBRUARY – Medical Astrology Blueprint

MARCH – Meditation & Mindfulness

APRIL – Energy Medicine Yoga

MAY – Touch: Acupressure, Mudras, Applied Kinesiology Points

JUNE – EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’

JULY – Qigong

AUGUST – Journaling


OCTOBER – Relationship Workshop

NOVEMBER – Homeopathy & Bach’s Flower Remedies

DECEMBER – Positive Thinking: NLP, Gratitude & Journeys

Qigong Classes in New Hampshire

One Year Long Course

CLASSES – Qigong & Tao Yoga

Qigong classes are held at my private practice, Moose Mountain Medicine Lodge, near Hanover, New Hampshire.

TRAINING – Energy Medicine Yoga

Individual instruction in Energy Medicine yoga in person or over the internet.


As an AMT certified trainer, I offer the full spectrum of the Association of Meridian & Energy Therapies’ self-help and professional certification courses. EFT Tapping courses offered online with Energy-in-Motion live trainings planned for Winter 2018 near Hanover, New Hampshire.