Life Coaching with Astrology

Know Yourself – Live True to Yourself


Why Astrology?

The horoscope is a stellar blueprint and navigation map which reveals inherent capacities and challenges for a meaningful and healthy life of service and achievement. Your chart is an invaluable tool for self healing and transformation. Words in italics reflect my personal orientation to the archetypes of Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Abundance, connection, creativity, awakening and compassion might speak more to your individual alignment. Ultimately, we all more or less embody and experience the twelve archetypes on the Hero’s Journey to the True Self.

What kind of Astrology?

Archetypical Astrology is the foundation which allows the freedom of an intuitive and choice based approach instead of the popular but closed descriptive and predictive style of traditional astrology. Inspired by Evolutionary Astrology, which points to the optimal direction for your soul’s growth, we dive into your natal chart and analyze your seed pattern for this life. We uncover which beliefs and behaviors are ripe to be released and what skipped steps are wise to be taken on the path to integrated wholeness – and happiness! Further informed by Psychological Astrology, key life challenges can be defined and worked through with AstroTherapy as needed. Sourced in AstroPsychology, a unique developmental timeline can be gleaned from the horoscope providing insight not available with standard astrology. Medical Astrology focuses on the elements and their relationship to body systems using TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine as well!

Readings & Reports

 PERSONAL CHART- Natal Horoscope Analysis

We start with what my mentor Steve Forrest calls ‘The Triad’: Sun, representing our conscious will and identity; Moon, revealing our instinctual nature as well as emotional connection needs; finally, Ascendant, considered the ‘persona’ but also indicating our intent when incarnating in this life according to esoteric tradition! Onto the personal planets: perceptual mentality and communication style in Mercury; the ‘wants’ and relationship values in Venus; finally the assertive energy and drive to get those wants in Mars. Jupiter reveals how we expansively grow through experiences, often our philosophy of life; Saturn is the task-master showing where we experience restriction of hard reality and may answer the call to mastery. The outer ‘planets’ Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are trans-personal forces that are powerfully transformative when transiting or contacted via progression. Planets are closely related to the signs and houses – even aspects and rulerships are correlated in the complex web I help you understand in simple terms.

Natal Birth Chart Analysis. $190  or  Computerized Report $25


CURRENT & FUTURE WEATHER CHART – Transit & Progression Interpretation 

Understand the questions life is asking you as your timeline unfolds.   Challenges presented by transformative transits help you heal, grow, gain mastery, align with your higher self and experience unity consciousness. Understanding the themes and the timing is essential! Progressions point the way of your slow but sure evolution on the Hero’s Journey to self realization.

Transit and Progression Interpretation. $125 or Computerized Report  $20


RELATIONSHIP CHART  – Synastry and Composite Chart

Note that this requires a prior natal chart reading for one of the two people involved in the relationship. Obviously suitable for romantic relationships but also business partnerships, friendships and familial relationships.

Synastry and Composite Chart Examination. $225



Your Solar Return is a snap shot of the day the Sun returns to its natal position on your birthday. Significantly different from a Transit Report, you get a clear picture of what the personal year ahead holds. $80


VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE: Discover what your blueprint reveals about choice of study, work and career. $125


TARGETED STELLAR COUNSEL: Astrological coaching for a specific issue.  $80.

The fees listed above cover the extensive additional time involved to prepare the reading as well. The computerized analysis reports usually cost around 30 dollars and are offered for free as a part of the package.

What do I get in with a Horoscope Reading?

When you book an astrological consultation, I can provide (without extra cost) a computer generated chart analysis in advance. This ‘cheat sheet’ gives you the basic lowdown on your planets, signs, houses and aspects or transits. These reports are written by one of three world re-known astrologers with whom I hold a license: Henry Seltzer of AstroGraph, Adrian Duncan of World of Wisdom (WoW is available in Swedish and Danish as well) as well as Times Cycles. How all these fascinating and often conflicting bits and pieces are woven together in the complex tapestry of your life require synthesis.

Our personal and interactive ‘Stellar Conversation’ paints the integrated big picture and gives guidance. If you want a more traditional ‘reading’ without the live session, an mp3 recording can be sent. Audio recording is included for live Zoom / Skype sessions as well in person consultations.

Astro Coaching

Session Packages

1 x 1 hr session – $135 

4 sessions – $515.  8 sessions – $975.  12 sessions – $1375