What I Offer

In person consultation and/or distance sessions:

In person consultations are primarily offered in the Upper Valley of Vermont / New Hampshire in America. I return to my clinic in Skåne, Sweden four times a year to see old and new clients. Distance sessions by phone or skype allows me to reach people all over the world and is a powerful compliment to in person consultations as well.  .

ESM / Earth & Sky Medicine  – Special Program Launch Rates

Initial Consultation / Natal Horoscope Reading: 1 session w/  follow up call – $170

1session – $100      4 sessions – $350        8 sessions – $650      12 sessions – $800

Active Month w/ 1 session, 1 Astro report + unlimited email support – $147

Intense Month w/ 2 sessions, 1 Astro report +  unlimited email support & live chat – $197

Natural and Energy Medicine

One or a combination of the following natural and energy medicine modalities may be used during the session which vary in length between one and two hours.

  • Scandinavian Naturopathy w/ Iris Analysis
  • Food & Nutrition w/ Metabolic Typing & Blood Type Analysis
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Bioresonance w/ Quantum Analysis & Energy Balancing
  • TCM Acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) w/ Tongue ‘Diagnosis’
  • Qi Massage
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Mindful Tapping
  • Psych-Kinesiology w/ Muscle Testing and One Brain
  • Medical  and Evolutionary Astrology
  • Reiki, Theta & Quantum Healing

Initial Consultation Special

Initial Consultation: 1 session  w/ 30 min follow up call – $170

Session Packages

1 session – $125.  4 sessions$4508 sessions$80012 sessions$1000

Monthly Plans

“Passive”: Remote Bioresonance Analysis & Balancing w/ unlimited email support – $62

“Active: Bi-monthly sessions plus “Passive” plan support – $197

“Intense”: Weekly sessions plus “Passive” plan support – $296

3 Month Transformative Programs

Individually tailored to your needs and goals to an advantageous price.


e-Pedant (empty) for e-Lybra bio-reasonance analysis and balancing – $55

e-Pendant (pre-programmed) with specific e-Lybra patterns for targeted conditions – $75