Feel at Home in your Body & Soul

Partner with a holistic health practitioner who has the knowledge and experience to find the golden thread while methodically unravelling your challenging situation. You find relief and we address the root cause of your dis-ease.

We do this affordably with personal counseling sessions over the internet or phone with unlimited email support. Distance bioresonance analysis and balancing to any corner of the globe.

In-person sessions, classes and training are offered in the Upper Valley of Vermont / New Hampshire as well as in the Öresund region in Swedish and Danish.

Holistic Integrates the Physical & Psychological Aspects

Your problems may be physical with hormonal imbalances and sugar cravings, infections or allergies, aches and tiredness, possibly even a heavy diagnosis. It could feel emotional with stress, anxiety or depression impacting your work life and personal relationships, disturbing your sleep or sex life. Or psychological — perhaps you’ve tried psychotherapy, talking about your fears, traumas and limiting beliefs yet are still suffering?

If you are like most people, you easily recognize you need help in one or two of the above categories. Quite often the area we do NOT think is the problem or want to address is the key to unlocking true well-being on any and all levels.

This is why it is vital to engage an integral holistic practitioner, even if you ‘just’ want help for a specific complaint. Especially relevant if you have already tried a multitude of methods without significant or lasting results. You may think it is ‘all in your head’ when the key is biochemical imbalance with toxicity or deficiencies as well. Or you believe you just need to change your diet and find the latest miracle supplement when it is limiting beliefs or unresolved trauma that need to be transformed.

The real shift comes when you quickly get to the heart of it and are willing to step up and make the necessary changes — and maybe even grow. Not the quick fix although many clients say ongoing distance treatment from the “magic bio-resonance machine” helps immensely in the process.

Ready to Heal – Get More Whole?

Ready? We start where you are, here and now. I will do everything in my power to competently and compassionately further you on your healing journey to wholeness, the meaning of Sowela. You decide where and how far we will go, I am here as a resource for you.

My name is Laura Moberg and thirty years ago I began working as a massage therapist when I moved to Sweden from America after college. Training then clinical practice of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, Scandinavian naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine with qigong and acupuncture followed naturally. NLP, Psycho-kinesiology and EFT were added as psychotherapeutic compliments. The Strategic Intervention Coaching format can give a quick and solution oriented platform when needed.

Accessing this broad spectrum of modalities, I use my skills and intuition to create an individual program to meet your needs and goals. Therapy and counseling to clear the old and unwanted, balance and make whole what felt broken. Coaching and personal development to strengthen and inspire you to live to your highest potential on this life’s path.

See what clients say about becoming healthier, happier and more harmonious under my care and coaching during the past fifteen years.

Enough words here—let’s chat in person about your situation and what I can offer. Contact me to book a free phone or skype consultation to discover how I can be of service to you.